THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING CECILY, or CECIL (an alternate reality to Oscar Wilde's famous play)

 one-act play: "The History of Art Criticism": one actor plays over twenty parts in reacting to a chalk drawing on a sidewalk. Winner Ten-Minute Play Contest, N. Arizona U l, 12

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(all scripts are copyrighted)




1. PUPPETS RULE! -- Bisexual CASS has encounters with his eccentric, fed-up mother and disabled brother in the first scene; he encounters a quiet yet sexy person of indeterminate gender on an airplane in the second scene; in the final scene he encounters God, his mother, his brother, and his Lovie, all with "Happy" Endings!

CHARACTERS: (4), with one doubling

CASS, male, 25-45, sympathetic, bisexual, actor, son, brother, lover, and believer

VOICE, (over PA system), male, mature, deep and authoritative

MA, female, 45-65, very eccentric, fed-up with care-giving

 GOD, male, 45-65, forgetful, confused, moody; also plays airplane Voice

 Plus Two Puppet Characters (the brother and the lover)


PLAYING TIME: 80 minutes, no intermission

note: Each scene in this full-length play can also be performed separately as a one-act (25 minutes each)

PRODUCED: Scene #2 ("Carpe Diem Airlines") was a hit at New York New Works Theatre Festival, fall, 2015. 


(In Volume XII of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)

2. JANE AUSTEN'S NEW PLAY and SEX LIFE -- Jane Austen is back from a two-hundred-year bout of cryo-preservation with a new play to try out at her home, her first since childhood. She's invited some locals to help out as Utility Actors, and her Swiss-German "care-giver" is not happy with her or the contents of her new play. Oh, and you're invited too, if you behave!


JANE AUSTEN, about 40, the British author

HANS-AXL, male, Swiss German, 25-45, Jane's "care-giver"

MRS. NUHRANI, a conservative Muslim next-door neighbour

UTILITY ACTOR #1, male, 40-60, for various parts

UTILITY ACTRESS #1, female, 40-60, for various parts

UTILITY ACTOR #2, male, 20-40, for various parts

UTILITY ACTRESS #2, male, 20-40, for various parts

NIGEL, male, 30-60, a member of the gutter press

MOOD: dramedy  (the play within the play is a roman a clef)

SETTING: present day, with mimed actions of 1810

PLAYING TIME: 2 hours, one intermission

 (In Volume XII of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)

3.THE IMPORTANCE of BEING CECILY, or CECIL -- an alternate reality to Oscar Wilde's famous play

Characters: (6, with one doubling)    

ALGERNON MONCRIEF, a wealthy young man about town, 25-35

LANE, a male servant, nice looking, 30-45

LORD NEVILLE BRACKNELL, cordial, stiff, over 50

CECILY CARDEW, a boyish girl, 20 – 25 (played by a male or a female, preferably a male)

MISS PRIZZIN, a governess, severe, of the unbending “progressive” persuasion, over 40

CECIL CARDEW, Cecily’s older brother, 21 – 26 (should be played by the same male or female who plays Cecily

GWENDOLEN FAIRFAX, lipstick lesbian daughter of Lord Bracknell, 25-35

        Mood: Bright Comedy

        Style: Victorian setting

        Playing Time: 2 hours with one Intermission


 (in Volume XI of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


4. SUCH BAD FRIENDS -- A woman tries to force two friends of hers to become                                                                                        friends of each other, with disastrous results, amusing but disastrous results. 

                                       How much trouble is a friendship worth?


              Characters: (3)   Stuart, flamboyantly gay, unrestrained, borderline nuts

                                        Dennis, cautious, polite, ironic, lonely

                                        Callie: a busybody, a do-gooder, also sarcastic

              Mood: dramatic comedy      

              Playing Time: 2 hours


5. SCREAMING TO GET OUT, or Why I Hate the TheaterWhile waiting for the director,  who is late, three actors at a  rehearsal of silly and sentimental one-acts engage in various improv scenarios that they feel are never permitted on stage, led by a world-weary, militant celibate contrarian and a feisty, wealthy woman, but resisted by a naïve young actor

Characters: (3) A, B, and C, as described above.

Mood: Edgy comedy

Playing Time: about an hour




-- Puritan Malvolio from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or What You Will  makes good on his promise to take  revenge "upon the whole pack of you," from aristocratic Lady Oblivia Lovecock to her former Clown now turned lawyer, Fester; from drunken wastrel Sir Toby Fartte and his wife, Ave Mariah, to their foolish friend, Sir Andrew Dribbledick, to whoever else gets in his way, whether it be the boy-dressing Viola or her over-eating husband, Duke Porcino. No one is safe, including Malvolio's fiancee, the former maid Molly Brightheart, or his "spy," the servant John B. Simpleton. It is a problem play that blows the lid off the surprising perversities of the original play.

MOOD: a neo-Shakespearean comedy, but completely understandable.

CHARACTERS: (13) bitter Malvolio; his fiancee Molly Brightheart, Lady Oblivia Lovecock, who has more than a fancy for girls dressed like boys;  her husband, Sebastian with a secret "pirate" past; Antonio, a loud and proud pirate who loved Sebastian, at least when he was a lad; debt-ridden, alcoholic Sir Toby Fartte, his on-the-wagon wife, Ave Mariah, Sir Andrew Dribbledick, a gull seeking a wife; Lawyer Fester, Fabian, his cynical assistant; the Lady Viola; her husband the Duke Porcino, who is in love with Oblivia and not his wife; John B. Simpleton, a put-upon servant;  3 walk-ons.



7.  WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA, or God Throws a Party

God invites six people to a suspicious "party" and makes them go through their entire lives in two hours, from kindergarten through a high school dance, a class reunion, speed dating (twice), a funeral, a group therapy session, a med-spa, a nursing home, and the Gates of Heaven and Last Judgment with Talent Show. Who would choose to live his or her life exactly as it is going to be, including one’s death, if it shown to you before it happens? Hmm?

Mood: Absurdist Comedy

Characters: (7)

God: Male or Female (change pronouns), charming, feisty, manipulative, and well dressed

The Kids: Three men, three women, probably best if in their twenties:

Calvin, male, atheistic, smart, attractive, arrogant

Ashley, female, kooky, artistic, neurotic

Jeremiah, male, silly, dumb, sweet, sympathetic

Madison, female, traditional, conniving, hyper-vigilant

Stanley, male, kind, dutiful, quiet, boring

Belinda Sue, female, impulsive, highly sexed, troubled, lazy

Setting:   Mere suggestions of the locales mentioned above, very few special props, six chairs, a spatula, etc.

Style:  Realistic, but hyper so.

Playing Time:  2 ½ hours with Intermission



8.  METER MAIDS IN FLAMES (a comedy noir)

— A shy, ineffectual man gets in touch with his inner murderer, the worst friend in the world, his senile sister, a humorless daughter from Morbidia, to say nothing of his inner cunt.

Mood: Off-beat comedy

Characters: (5) Public Shelby, Secret Shelby, Polly the terrible friend,

Jeanette the embarrassingly senile sister, Zara the daughter any parent would dread.

Setting:  Present day, no special sets needed except for the front of a mausoleum, suggestions of a group-home, 

a restaurant, an apartment.

Style:  Noir Absurdist

Playing Time:  1hr 45 plus Intermission




9. CHRISTMAS: Naughty and NiceFive one-acts with Christmas themes, from the poignant to the pungent to the Absurd:

ACT I  "A Christmas Mistake" (a touching story of a little girl (use a hand puppet) and her father encountering a homeless man on Christmas Eve), "Honest Xmas Presents" (a biting satire on what families give as gifts – and what they would if they could),

"A Christmas Miracle" (two closeted gay Air Force officers on a miraculous night in the Officers’ Club), "Nuns and Buns" (two Catholic nuns have Christmas dinner out in a cafeteria but get into a spirited theological debate that gets out of hand).

Alternatively: for one-hour show instead of "The Christmas to End All Christmases" use "Body and Soul: Xmas version")

ACT II  "The Christmas to End All Christmases" (Ebenezer Putz encounters numerous visits from all the Christmas characters you can think of, from Bob Scratchit to the Little Drummer Boy to Sadie Claus and even Santa and Street Jesus).

Mood:  Mostly comedy, some drama

Characters:  (5) With properly versatile actors, all the parts can be played by

a small cast, probably best with a mature male, a mature female, a young male,

a young female, another male of any age. Some female parts can be played in drag.

Setting:  Various, suggested, more with props and costume touches than full-blown ones.

Style: Realistic to Absurd, depending on each one-act.

Playing Time: About 90 minutes with one fifteen-minute Intermission

Produced by Dark Theatre Co., Portland, Maine, December, 2009.

PUBLISHED by: Proplay

Staged Reading, Western Edge Theatre Company, British Columbia, CANADA, December, 2015 "It was great!: -- director Frank Moher



10. ONE DAMNED THING AFTER ANOTHER, or Oops, That Must Have Hurt

 — A gay man and the two women who love him exchange e-mails as the
vicissitudes and passions of their lives ebb and flow

Mood:  Drama, with some comedy

Characters: (3) Ted, Kitti, and Lola (all between 45-60) aristocratic Kitti has a British

accent. Lola has a touch of a Brooklyn accent. Ted has an American accent

Setting  The three sit or possible use podiums reading the e-mails they have

written to each other; no need to memorize the lines

Style:  Realistic

Playing Time:  About three hours, with one Intermission




— Princess Margaret of Great Britain was the Princess Diana of her day. Here we see her witty, snotty, loving, frustrated self as she goes from a 21-year-old to her death at age 71, seen mainly through the three loves of her life. 

Mood: Drama, with witty lines and some other liberties

Characters:  (10-25, depending on budget) Princess Margaret; Group Captain

Townsend; Antony Armstrong-Jones; Roddy Llewellyn; the Queen; Prince Philip;

Ladies-in-Waiting; Voices; Servants; Officials, etc. with doubling except in the main roles

Setting:  A platform for public appearances; various rooms for private events

(the same room with variations can be used)

Style: Realistic biography, with some ghost and imaginary sequences and

some enhancements

Playing Time:  Three-plus hours, with Intermission


 (in Volume VIII of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon


12. DESPICABLE DAUGHTER, or Shed No Tears for April

A sociopathic daughter and a feisty gay man fight for the love (and estate)

of a woman dying of cancer.

Mood:  Drama, with comedy elements

Characters:  (4) The difficult daughter; the put-upon mother; gay friend

of mother and executor of her will; and his long-time partner

Setting:  Modern day, minimal sets; use a few props and pools of light

Style:  Realistic, except when the characters move in slow motion from

one scene to the next before resuming realistic movement within the scene.

Playing Time:  About 2 hours, plus intermission

  (in Volume VIII of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— Sebastian, a young Southern gentleman out of a Tennessee Williams play, goes to confession and gives  the Catholic priest an earful. Meanwhile, Marilyn Monroe shows up in the adjoining confessional with sexual problems. 

Mood:  Biting comedy

Characters: (4) Sebastian, 30-40, nice-looking, Southern accent, as in

Suddenly Last Summer; Priest, over 50, manly; Norma Jean, early 30s,
blonde, pretty, head and face mostly covered by a scarf; 
Female, over fifty, walk-on

Time: 1957

Playing Time:  About one and a half hours, no intermission

Award: semi-finalist, Reverie Theater, Next Generation Playwrights Contest, 2006

  (in Volume VIII of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


14. A PINT AT THE PREGNANT PRIEST, or a Pint at the Queen’s Arse

Set in a modern-day country Irish pub, Old Ireland and New Ireland meet in a black romp that is both touching and comic. An American tourist encounters a grouchy pub owner as well as Mad Mary, who lives in a cardboard box, to say nothing of Father Finnessey, who is a pregnant Catholic priest. With magic in the air (literally), there is love all around for Mad Mary.

Mood: Comedy, with touching moments

Characters: (4) The American Tourist; The Pub Owner; Mad Mary; Father Finnessey

Playing Time:  About 2 hours, with one intermission

  (in Volume VI of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— Godot finally arrives, bringing mankind, in the form of two homeless men, various spiritual, worldly, and mental "answers" to life’s riddles, while the sinister clown Bozo interferes. All is presented in a comic, absurdist manner that is a comment on the theater as much as on human existence. Original script with entirely new content.

Mood: Absurdist comedy

Characters: (4) A.M (Stoogey); P.M. (Piddle); G.D.; Bozo 

(All can be played by strong females) (The names Estragon and Vladimir can be used but not preferred.)

Playing Time:  About 1 ½ hours, with one intermission

1999 WINNER: NATIONAL NEW PLAY CONTEST (Southwest Theatre Assoc.) Also: Performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland,

California Travel Troupe, summer, 2000. Also performed in the Orlando Fringe Festival,
2008 (excerpts on YouTube) Also performed by Cathaayatra Production, New Delhi, India, August, 2009 and again in March, 2011.
 Also Gannon University Fringe, March, 2012. Also U of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dec., 2102.

  (in Volume VI of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— a series of vignettes that capture fragments of people’s lives as overheard in a restaurant — from the sad to the comic to the odd, with an emphasis on realistic drama/comedy. Some include the grandparent who has had to reject a grandchild forced on her, an Asian military bride who, as her English gets better, realizes who she has actually married, a militant smoker who won’t leave the restaurant, and two lovesick teens who think they’ve invented Love.

     Most roles can be playedby either males or females, and perhaps some of the pieces could be done twice in each performance, to show how the dynamics change when the sex of the person changes. 

The vignettes can be done in almost any order, even with different casting for every performance, thus giving a different texture to each separate performance.

Mood: Realistic comedy and drama (would make a good video or movie)

Characters: (6) (men and women, mixed) They play multiple parts, of all types

Playing Time: Varies — from half an hour to two hours, depending on the

number of pieces used. Probably around 1 hour and 10 minutes with no intermission would be best.

  (in Volume V of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A series of sketches (20 available) that take a comic look at the silly ideas that have ruled the world — from sex to voicemail, from the Oracle at Delphi to dating O.J. Simpson.

Mood:  Satirical, from light to harsh

Characters:  (5 or 6) (three men, two or three women who play multiple parts)

Playing Time:  From five minutes to one and a half hours, depending on

number of sketches used

First Performed: at B.A.I.T. Fringe Festival, San Francisco, September, 1996.

 "Food Taster" (#6) Staged Reading, LAMA Theatre, NYC, May, 2016.
Also Produced at Under St. Mark's Theater, May, 2017.
 "How Gays Destroyed the Family" (#18), Staged Reading, LAMA Theatre, NYC, June, 2016.
(in Volume VI of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


18. SIMPSON AGONISTES: The Truth and Nothing But in the O.J. Simpson Trial

— A satire on the trial of the century, giving all the unsaid subtext of those involved, whether it be Marcia Clark, Johnnie Cochran, or Rosa Lopez.

Mood:  Satirical, from light to bitter

Characters:  (6-8) to play multiple parts, can be done with scripts in hand at microphones

Playing Time:  Half an hour to two hours, depending on amount used.

Not all scenes necessary. Select as needed

 (in Volume V of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


 What happens when the leaders of Islam place a price on the head of a writer who has written a book questioning, even slightly, the validity and sanctity of their religion. What happens to the marriage of such a writer. Western and Muslim cultural conflict.

Mood: Docu-drama, with some humor, fast-paced

Characters: (8) The Novelist; his Wife; and three men, three women for multiple parts.

Playing Time:  2 hours (one intermission)

Scheduled but not performed by Cathaaytra Productions for 2011.

ALSO AVAILABLE with Female Lead (Karen Ralston-Rajeeb)                      (This version was selected as a SEMI-FINALIST in the O'Neill Playwrights Conference, 2016.
 (in Volume IV of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A man who has donated his sperm to a lesbian couple at the same time he is writing a history of the theater encounters various versions of the son he wants and doesn’t want, from Greek tragedy to Shakespearean comedy to Oscar Wilde to Sam Shepard, aided and resisted by a feisty Midwife.

Mood:  Basically a comedy, with some powerful and touching scenes

Characters: (3) The Father; the Son; the Midwife (all major roles)

Playing Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes (no intermission)

Produced by Martin Kaufman, off-Broadway Equity production at the Kaufman Theater, NYC, October, 1988.

Also staged at the Circle Rep Lab, NYC, October, 1987.

First performed at Marin Theater Co, summer, Marin County, California, 1987

Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print).

Published by Lodestar Quarterly.
FULL SCRIPT ONLINE: http://lodestarquarterly.com/work/159/5/
  (in Volume III of
Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— Several couples and family members are down for the weekend. The Hosts, two male lovers, are  worried about Ma Mere, who does not approve of their love. Suzette is not happy with her wooden-legged stuffy Lover, and . . . This is a drawing-room comedy like those by Noel Coward and Somerset Maugham, but set in the present with modern issues.

Mood: High Comedy, with style; some farce

Characters : (8) Two Male Lovers; the Homophobic Mother Ogre; the sister, named Suzette; her Stuffy Lover; a Sex-Crazed Ex-lover of the Host; an English Butler; a Woman Publisher

Playing Time:  2 hours (one intermission)

Workshop: West Coast Playwrights, Marin County, Ca, 1988. 

Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print).

  (in Volume IV of
Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A modern-day white male heterosexual liberal Prometheus, in the form of a part-time college teacher, finds himself caught between corrupt Affirmative Action policies, neo-conservatism, and a male student’s sexual harassment accusation.

Mood:  Comedy/ Drama.

Characters:  (5) Joe, in his thirties; Ionia, his feminist office mate; Herm, his gay conservative colleague;

Leo Sues, the corrupt chairman of the Humanities Department; Boris Zilch, a dumb student

Playing Time: 2 hours (one intermission)

Top Ten Finalist, National New Play Contest, 2002

  (in Volume III of
Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A retired woman school teacher, now blind, is introduced to a retired construction worker who has had a slight stroke; they encounter the social and personal pressures to "be a couple." 
How many plays are about the loves of the elderly?

Mood:  A touching drama with many laughs

Characters:   Margaret, blind retired teacher, Ernie, roughneck, retired, Social Worker; a Junkie Thief; a Guard, a female Usher

Playing Time:  Three acts, under 2 hours (one intermission)

First produced: The One-Act Theatre Company, San Francisco, 1981.

  (in Volume II of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— Prince Hal, now king, is challenged by his choleric brother, the Duke of Lancaster. Indeed he has to fear being thought a "playboy" monarch because he has sneaked Falstaff and his cronies into the castle for some high jinks and hilarity.

Mood:  Authentic neo-Shakespearean play, not parody, sequel to Henry IV, Parts I, II

Characters:  (15-19) King Hal; Falstaff; Duke of Lancaster; Frederick (a pompous emissary); Mistress Quickly; Doll Tearsheet; Duchess of Lancaster; assorted roles

Playing Time:  Approximately 3 hours (one intermission)

Represented by agent Jeffrey Simmons, London: "I really am mightily impres

sed with HENRY IV Part Three, and I do not use words lightly. It is quite remarkably good and at times quite splendid."

 (in Volume II of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— What happens after you live happily ever after? Cinderella finds Prince Charming too "perfect." She is falling in love with his less-than-charming brother, Prince Moe, and she’s even homesick for her awful stepsisters. Meanwhile, the evil court jester is plotting to overthrow the prince.

Mood:  Musical Comedy (Music by Dan Turner, Book and Lyrics by Curzon)

Characters:  (15-16) Cinderella; Prince Charming; Prince Moe; the Fairy Godmother; Tickle, the jester; two stepsisters (Gargola / Odia); Father; Mother; assorted small roles

Playing Time:  2 hours and 5 minutes. (one intermission)

First produced by the Angels of Light (Offshoot of the Cockettes), S.F., 1984.

WINNER: 3 Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Awards

  (in Volume III of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon) Tape of music available.



Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans are on the rampage, because they’ve been persecuted. King Charles I of England is a bit of fop and rather cruel and loses his head to them. The Puritans, once in power, turn out to be cruel taskmasters themselves, trying to legislate morality according to their code, punishing adultery and even Christmas celebrations. Judith, the daughter of a Puritan family, yearns to be in the theater in a time when women are not allowed to be.

Mood:  Musical Dramedy — with parallels to contemporary religious fundamentalists,

but with entertainment the priority. (Music by Dan Turner, Book / Lyrics by Curzon)

Characters:  (15) Judith; her Mother; her Father; her Brother; Cromwell;

Charles I (all singing roles); Heretic; Counselors; Chorus, etc.

Playing Time: 3 hours (one intermission) (Music available)

Workshop Production at City College of San Francisco, summer, 1986).

 (in Volume II of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A parody of fairy tales. Wimp sets off against his will on a quest for the dragon’s gold through the intervention of some pixies and a meddling magician. Funny spiders; hillbilly gremlins; an Imp Princess who changes clothes every fifteen minutes, etc.

Mood: Broad Comedy

Characters: (12-15, with doubling) the Wimp; Pixies; Glorioso, the magician;

                  Affectionette (the Imp Queen); Ogress; Spiders; Monsters; Villains; the Dragon 

Playing Time: 2 hours (one intermission)

Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print).

 (in Volume III of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— Four bisexuals answer an ad by mistake when a man advertises his furniture as "a good bi" when he wants to move. There is also a dangerous genie released from a magic lantern after a thousand years, and he’s not happy with the human race he is forced to serve and determines to do something about it.

Mood:  A comedy with satirical bite.

Characters:  (6) Sam, the non-bisexual main character; a "Liberated" Lady; Guy; a Reluctant Swinger; a comically Creepy Guy; Man who Speaks No Known Language; the Genie; a dog for a walk-on

Playing Time:  2 hours (one intermission)

Staged Reading: Gay Performance Company, New York, Spring, 1991.

Staged Reading: Phoenix Theater, San Francisco, 1996.

Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print).

(in Volume V of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


29. I’M GLAD I’M ME AND NOT YOU, or Avatars

— Four people appear in various versions of themselves from 1893 to 1953 to 1973 to 1993 to 2093,  revealing the way sexual taboos change and re-assert themselves in expansive and repressive times.

Mood: Serious comedy

Characters: (4) Adrian, who is gay, Matilda, who is prudish, Alice, who is daring, and Henry, who is "good old Henry"

Playing Time: 2 hours 

(in Volume IV of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


— A sexy, homophobic, macho Cuban repairman, having marital problems, encounters a gentlemanly gay man, who is also having sexual problems with his ex-lover — now his roommate. Sexual tensions abound. 

Mood:  Drama with some humor

Characters:  (4) the Cuban Repairman; The Cuban’s wife; the Gay Man;

the Ex-lover now roommate

Playing Time:  (3 acts) 1 hour 45 minutes (+ intermission).

Videotape of one-act version, 25 minutes)

Produced twice at Theater Rhinoceros, San Francisco, 1979, 1980

(one-act version)

Staged reading; Gay Performances Co, May, NYC (three-acts), 1990

Published by Dialogus Play Service (one-act version, out of print)

  (in Volume I of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A woman drug addict of the middle class hates life. Her long-suffering husband watches and reluctantly begins to be sucked in as he discovers that he is addicted to his wife’s addiction.

Moo:  Serious drama

Character:  (6) Addict; her Husband; Teenage Sister; Mother; Father; Doctor

Playing Time: (2 acts) About 2 hours (one intermission)

First performed as one-act at One Act Theater Co, San Fran., 1982.


(in Volume II of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon


— gay version of The Birthday Girl, with two men instead of a husband and wife. 
(same as above)
Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print).
  (in Volume II of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


33. PLEASE, NOT TO US — the lesbian version of The Birthday Boy 



— Representative members of various prevailing minorities, from the handicapped to Native American, are trapped together in a subway train that is losing its air; their real feelings for each other come out. Unsentimental view of self-interest and bigotry in minorities.

Mood:  Biting, politically incorrect, unsentimental satire

Characters:  (12) Asian; Gay; Lesbian; Black Woman; Black Man;

White Woman; White Man; Foreigner, etc. (in masks)

Playing Time: 1 hour and 13 thirteen minutes

 shorter version, Earnest Players, San Fran., 1979

  (in Volume I of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— 15 satirical skits on various aspects of sex, from the ways men are  allowed to touch, 
to a man having a dialogue with his penis about whether to masturbate.

Mood: Comedy

Characters:  (5) People (all men?) who can play multiple roles

Playing Time:  Under 2 hours (one intermission)

First performed: Gay Community Center, San Francisco, 1977.

Also Leavenworth YMCA , San Francisco, 1977.

Also Produced at the Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, 1977.

Nominated for Best Script by San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle, 1977.

 (in Volume I of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— A gay man is vexed by the spirits of three women in his life --

a grade school nun; his unloving mother; his ex-wife.

Mood: Drama with laughs

Characters:  (4) the Man; the Nun; the Mother; the Ex-Wife

Playing Time:  2 hours (one intermission)

Staged reading: Julian Theater, San Francisco, 1983

Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print).

(in Volume II of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


37. COMEBACK (a musical)

—A male cabaret singer is making a comeback as a female after a sex change. Personal and career challenges follow.

Mood:  Musical Drama. (Music by Dan Turner, Lyrics by Curzon)

Characters: (4) The Male Self; the Female Self; the Lover; Person to play various other roles

Playing Time: 2 hours (one intermission) (Tape of music available)

Staged Reading: Noe Valley Ministry, 1987

Published by Dialogus Play Service (out of print)

(in Volume I of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



— Thriller set in an English manor house, where two sisters, a husband, and a gardener plot / counterplot clever murders against each other.

Mood:  Thriller with possible comic/camp overtones. Keeps the audience on pins and needles wondering who will win.

Characters:  (4) The older sisters (in her 40s); the younger sister (in her 30s);

the husband (30s); the feeble-minded gardener (in his 20s)

Playing Time: 2 hours (one intermission)

 (in Volume VI of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)

  *Americanized version produced by Cinemastar Productions as a TV series, 2013-14.


— A group of "seminarians" is enrolled in a theatre course in London. They ought to get  along since they have a common interest, but someone’s purse has been stolen, another asks really stupid questions of their British theatre guests, one is a transsexual studying to be a clairvoyant, another is an old Shakespearean actor going blind, another a woman director with enrollment problems, plus a bed-wetting, blithe countess, and then some really interesting characters are there too . . 

Mood:  Realistic comedy drama

Characters:  (10) Each is a mixture of the comic and the sad, like most people:

a witty, suicidal Lesbian, with lovaer troubles, has a play to market, fortyish;

an old British Actor going blind, Shakespeare idolater, over sixty; the British

Guest (multiple parts played by a man over thirty — actor, director, always

the same person with different names, sometimes a mustache or other slight changes);

the self-reliant, impatient, falsely compassionate Director of the Program, heard it all,

once killed someone in a car accident, over thirty-five;

a poorly self-educated, badly dressed Social Outcast Male, any age; a would-be

Clairvoyant, sensitive, also a Transsexual, played by a man, over forty, but not

a "drag" role; something of a Male Gold-Digger but not too good at it, who is

also a scholarship actor, thirties, handsome, under thirty-five; a Young Actress,

opinionated, aloof, optimistic, overindulged, may have potential, under twenty;

a Nice Woman who tells people what they want to hear, others try to guess her

secret and gossip about her, over forty; the Countess De La Rue, streetwise,

self-assured, bed-wetting nobility whom others always want to wait on, changes

her plans often, exerts natural superiority, unfazed by her own foibles, over thirty-five

Playing Time:  (3 acts, three hours)

  (in Volume VI of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)



(Also available in a one-act version. See information below under one-acts.

-- What a playwright will do to make her new play a success.

Mood: Comedy


 — A hot new dance Club has just opened. Besides the hot dancing and the ‘refreshments,’ there are rumors that sex and other Unmentionable Things of all types (straight, bi, gay) take place in secret "closets" spread throughout the building. People are outside clamoring to get in; they’ll even pay — whatever is asked. But you can’t get in — not unless the Doorman picks you. And he’s very fussy and arbitrary about who these Special People are. Even some famous people have been turned away. An engaged young couple is out on the town just before they are to go back home to the Midwest to be married. They’ve decided to have a Bachelor Party in the big city before the big day — only together. Aww, how sweet! They see the commotion outside the new Club and stop to see what’s going on. They shouldn’t have.

Mood:  Musical Drama (needs music)

Character:  (10-20) Cassie, an impulsive young woman from the Midwest, in her twenties;

Milton, her fiancé, a conservative young man, also in his twenties; has a twin brother who died; Other Couple, a brother and a sister in their forties, with the sister very butch and the brother fem, also trying to get into the Club; Leather Boy, any age, a dynamic, contradictory sexy Mephistopheles in leather; Closeteers, a group of versatile actor-singer-dancers who play all the other parts.

Playing Time:  (2 acts, three hours)


 (in Volume VII of Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon)


For Production Rights for any play: 

Tel: 415-297-9220

After my death, people may produce any script of mine as long as some form of royalty is paid to my estate or heirs, preferably the prevailing rate for theater royalties. DC
Professor Alfonso Caballos Munoz of the University of Cadiz in Spain is in charge of editing and publishing my plays.
from The Food Taster, one-act, NYC, May, 2017
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Godot Arrives, 21012

Semi-finalist, O'Neill Playwrights

Conference, 2016, for The Blasphemer

Winner of the 1999 NATIONAL NEW PLAY CONTEST for Godot Arrives

GODOT ARRIVES at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
one of nine volumes available at Amazon.com
from "A Christmas Miracle" in Portland, Maine

now published by ProPlay: http://www.singlelane.com/proplay/xmas.html

"The most interesting and unexpected of the plays is "A Christmas Miracle," in which two military at a mess hall Christmas Eve party (Swayer and Newcomb) hide their love and lust in full sight. Like "Naughty and Nice" itself, it melds the perversely funny with the poignant."

--Megan Grumbling, The Portland Phoenix, 2009

Two Gentlemen of Verona with the writer on stage
"The Birthday Girl," 1982
The original AIDS SHOW, 1984
creators and cast of THE AIDS SHOW
"Nuns and Buns" on YouTube
rehearsal for San Francisco production of "So Middle Class"
"So Middle Class" at the Attic Theatre, Los Angeles (First Prize Winner)
"Sour Grapes," contest winner at Actors Theatre of Santa Cruz
a militant smoker in 1001 NIGHTS AT THE HOUSE OF PANCAKES
Sketches in the San Francisco Fringe Festival, 1996
three one-acts included in Homosexual Acts, NYC, 1991
from the staged reading, first performance, Marin County, 1987
Tragic Greek son in My Unknown Son, Marin County, 1987
"The Hit" at Actors Theatre, Los Angeles
"Your Town," 1978
"Batman and Robin: Cute Meat," Los Angeles
Also done in NYC in 2010 by Jorian Productions
"The Importance of Being P.C." at Actors Theatre of Santa Cruz
Prince Moe spies on Cinderella
"Invitations" sung by the Step-Sisters and Step-Mother
flyer for Off-Broadway production of My Uknown Son, 1988
at the San Francisco Fringe Festival
OFF-BROADWAY production in NYC, 1988
at Theatre Rhinoceros, 1986: "The Murder of Gonzago -- A Comedy"
"Beneath the Surface," trapped underground
"Don't Open This Box" at Edinburgh Fringe, 2000
second cast of SEX SHOW, San Francisco, 1977
Bangladesh production of GODOT ARRIVES
"Your play was wonderful and well acted. I was very pleased with how it turned out. I will send you the clip in a few weeks once it is done."
"Asylum?" LAMA THEATRE FEST of the BEST, April, 2016, NYC
"Food Taster" at LAMA Theater NYC May 16, 2016
Would you like an after-dinner mint with that? LAMA Theater, NYC, May, 2016